Spirits & LiqueursSome of Portugal’s best fruit is grown in the Algarve. Figs, Carobs, “Medronhos” (Strawberry Tree berries) and Oranges are typical fruits of the Algarve, which also serve to make some of the country’s finest and most typical brandies and liqueurs.

aguardente de medronho

Arbutus Berry Spirit 200 ml  46% vol.

aguardente de Alfarroba

Carob Spirit200 ml  46% vol.

aguardente de Figo

Fig Spirit200 ml  46% vol.

aguardente de Figo Velha

Aged Fig Spirit 200 ml  46% vol.


Melosa 200 ml  20% vol. Arbutus Berry Spirit with Honey

licor de laranja

Orange and Mint Liqueur 100 ml  18% vol.

licor de figo

Fig Liqueur 100 ml  18% vol.

licor figo

Carob Liqueur  100 ml 18% vol.