Campos Santos

Produtos Regionais de Qualidade.


Conned Fish & PâtésConservas Santos, from Olhão, are made with fresh fish, caught every day on the Portuguese coast. The quality of the canned fish is guaranteed as products are 100% natural without preservatives or any other additives.


botão doce

Jams & HoneyCampos Santos jams stand out for their traditional flavor. The fruit used in the preserves is grown in the central Algarve region, where it is treated with natural fertilizers and hand picked.


botão azeitonas

Olives & Aromatic HerbsThe Campos Santos olives come from the Eastern Algarve hills. They are gathered by local farmers and stand out owing to their typical flavour given by seasoning with the region’s herbs. The Campos Santos Herbs grow wildly on the Algarve hills, which lends them a unique and intense aroma. These herbs are hand-picked in the months when their scent is strongest.


botão aguardente

Spirits & LiqueursSome of Portugal’s best fruit is grown in the Algarve. Figs, Carobs, “Medronhos” (Strawberry Tree berries) and Oranges are typical fruits of the Algarve, which also serve to make some of the country’s finest and most typical brandies and liqueurs.


botão flor de sal piri

Flower of Salt & Chili Sauces
Castro Marim Flor de Sal is an extremely fine layer of salt crystals that form on the surface of salt lakes. It is collected by hand on a daily basis and is a 100% natural product.
Campos Santos Piri-Piri is made with aromatic medium-hot chili peppers, in order not to overpower the flavour of the food.


botão bolachas

CookiesThe best flavors of Algarve on our cookies: Honey, Carob, Almond and Fig.